Racial Diversity and Exclusionary Zoning: Evidence from the Great Migration
Journal of Politics, Conditionally Accepted

Using maps to communicate sea-level rise can undermine concern among risk-exposed populations
with Matto Mildenberger, Chris Miljanich, Michelle A. Hummel, Mark Lubell, and Jennifer Marlon
Nature Sustainability, Conditionally Accepted

Public Comment and Public Policy
American Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming Pending Replication

Reform Reconsidered: The Effects of Form of Government
Journal of Historical Political Economy, Vol 3 Issue 3 (2023)

The Representational Consequences of Civil Service Reform
with Nicholas Kuipers
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Gender, Race, and Intersectionality in Campaign Finance
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Race and Representation in Campaign Finance
with Jacob Grumbach
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In Progress

Demand-Side Policing: Order Maintenance, Demographic Change, and Residents’ Calls to Police
with Amy Lerman and Alyssa Mooney

Equivalency Framing of Problems and Policy Solutions
with Amy Lerman and Laura Stoker

The Effect of Policy Attributes on Policymaking Incentives
with Matto Mildenberger